“Our history”


A group of Jalisco business people committed to the principle that "poverty, drugs and crime are the result of lack of education" agreed to give quality education to teenagers that can't continue their studies.


The founders searched for a place for the first institute where young leaders couldn't complete their studies due to poverty, lack of discipline crime and drugs.


The first school opened its doors in 2004 as a middle school just for male teenagers in a morning shift, this program began in the area Las Liebres in the city of Tlaquepaque, state of Jalisco


Due to the positive changes with the male teenagers, the community asked us to start an afternoon shift for female teenagers. This change was applied In 2007, having a new section for them in the Liebres school.


Due to the sucess of our first institute the major of the city of Tlajomulco helped with the resources of the second institute in 2007.


In 2013 we received a piece of land in the reckless Cerro del 4 (an area with high level of drop outs, gangs, crimes and drugs) to build our third school "The LISI High school”


In 2014 the archbishop asked the board of LISI to be in charge of the academic part o the seminar, helping the archdiocese in the education of the future priest.


The Institute received land in the Indigenous community El NAYAR in the state of Nayarit, Mexico, to develop a new school to educate the poor and abandoned community as the only mean to come out of their poverty


In 2016 we were donated a land for the construction of a new school in the area of Iztapalapa, in the Mexico city. This place is a scrambled community of crime, drugs, gang fights & poverty.