“Lack of education of young poor people is fertilizer for the fast growing gangs drugs consumption and crime that is extremely worrying".

Identity LISI hand book

The LISI Institute has created sport academies for children and youth from the ages of nine to eighteen. In an organized manner, all kids who participate in various sports and levels can enjoy the benets which they bring.

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The sport academies of LISI are in and of themselves a great opportunity for our students, where you can see the joy and enthusiasm they have as they participate in each sport. They are very important factors in keeping them busy in activities which will improve their lives by making them happier and healthier.


The mission of the LISI Institute is to provide youth with an integral formation of their personality, inspired by human values, with an excellent academic, sports, musical and personal formation to live with a sense of social commitment and actively participate in the transformation of their community. To provide the youth with an academic preparation of excellence, so that they acquire the commitment in the transformation of society as solidary and participative human beings and as civic and politically active citizens in the construction of a just, fraternal and inclusive world.


To make Instituto LISI an educational model of excellence that provides its students with the necessary foundations for responsible participation in society and to transform it in a continuous manner, so that they are capable of conducting themselves under the principles of solidarity and the common good. In the different environments of the dynamics of their environment, that they print in each action the characteristics of their academic, sports, cultural and human leadership that distinguishes them by the quality of their skills, values and virtues.

Our Values

  1. 1. Transcendence
  2. 2. Excellence
  3. 3. Discipline
  4. 4. Responability
  5. 5. Honesty
  6. 6. Service vocation
  7. 7. Love

Our Abilities

  1. 1. Critical thinking
  2. 2. Negotiation
  3. 3. Control of emotions
  4. 4. Decision making
  5. 5. Assertiveness
  6. 6. Teamwork
  7. 7. Communication

At Lisi we work

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